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I'm a junkie
Here I have been thinking how relaxed I have been most of the semester as I have accepted the idea of leaving teaching for a while.  But will I really do it?  Part of me REALLY thinks that I should.  My ex thinks I should not.  Well, he never really understood the stress of having a job that seems 24/7.  On the other hand, my son does have one more year of high school and perhaps I really should stick with it.

After all, if I were truly set to leave, why would I constantly be thinking of ways to improve what I do?  Why would I be thinking of what other brilliant exercises I can build?  I really am please with the connecting relatives.

And I want to learn how to make apps--I want to design one for scansion.  Why not?

And there are a thousand other little things. But here's the thing: if I am teaching I don't have time for the creative stuff...  So torn.

I guess money will decide my fate.

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