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need for a break
I came to a conclusion today, one that I have been fighting for years, one that I can't see a way around.  I cannot afford to stay a teacher.  I cannot afford to live on my own and pay child support (& medical) and make ends meet without going even further into debt.

I am now pondering what kind of job I can start looking for for next year... heck, next summer, I guess.  I don't even know what industry to look in, let alone what skills are marketable.  I have a lot of creative talent and skills, I am good with presentations and teaching (teaching anything), and I have a lot of really good ideas for training future teachers, especially Latin teachers.  If I had a masters, I could teach at ACC....  but do I even want to teach?  Do I just need a break?  I need a job that ended at the end of the day, not continued on into the night and the evenings.  One that didn't make me feel guilty for every minute that I spent NOT grading or making better lesson plans.

And just because I'm older doesnt' mean I've increased my earning power.

I have had serious thoughts about sitting out at the main intersection near here with a bucket and a sign that says I can't afford child support while teaching... so I could sit there and grade while people drive by throw in money.  LOL.  Fantasy world.

But I have been thinking about the need to leave teaching for 3 or 4 years now.  I just don't know HOW to make the transition....

In the meantime I'm having more insights about Vergil and Caesar than ever before, and loving Latin and wanting to read Latin more than before.  It's not that I would give up Latin.  I just can't see how to teach and pay bills and live near my special needs son and to be there for him when he needs me.

Whatever.  That's just where I am.  I wonder where I'd be if Governor Perry had accepted federal aide for education or if they paid teachers decently, etc etc.  Fuckit.  I need to start thinking about and embracing change.  It's what needs to happen.

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